December 7, 2010

Fall Into Fantasy Flashback: Kiersten White Answers Our Questions

Everyone who featured Paranormalcy during the Fall Into Fantasy event (hosted by The Bookish Type) sent in a question for Kiersten, and we now have the answers!

Mine was: "Did Paranormalcy unfold the way you envisioned, or were there some surprises along the way? And if so, what changed?"

And Kiersten replied: 

"My very first tendrils of an idea had IPCA functioning much more as a sort of endangered species protection group.  Obviously it took a turn away from that with IPCA becoming more of an international policing group.  I still think it'd be fun to play with the idea of a group protecting innocent and dwindling vampire populations from overzealous staking!"

That idea does sound like fun! Thanks to Kiersten for responding :)

For more info on the scavenger hunt interview, see Casey's blog here.


  1. what an awesome question - i love finding out what the initial nugget of an idea is and how it grows and changes :)

  2. Thanks! I find that process interesting as well :)

  3. It's always interesting to see how ideas and characters suddenly take on a life of their own.

    Oh, I emailed you back through Hotmail since I find it a lot more personal and Blogger provides all my comments for me as email notifications.

  4. Great question! How fun that she took the time to respond to everyone, I always love reading interviews with authors, I feel like I'm getting behind the scenes information:)


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