November 1, 2010

YA Love Triangle Week: Team David!

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"SWM, mid-teens, born and raised in the Smoke. About 5'10" with an athletic build. In my spare time I enjoy both planting and cutting down trees, and saving people from the city's clutches. Looking for a spunky girl to share some adventures with as we subvert the plans of Dr. Cable and her minions. Must hate Special Circumstances."

All right, so there are no personal ads in Uglies...but I think David's might sound something like that! I liked him from the beginning and even when Zane popped up on the scene in Pretties (actually, *especially* when he was introduced) I was rooting for David all the way.

Now, for the reasons why...

He has outdoorsy skills.
“This was David, who taught her how to make a fire, how to clean and cook fish, how to navigate by the stars.” 

He fights the system.

“But even if we blow it tonight, and both wind up under the knife, at least someone will still keep fighting. Making trouble, you know?”
“I hope it’s us, making trouble,” Tally said.
“Me too.”

He's loyal.
"Tally, I’m just saying: I’ll be here when you’re done.”
“You?” She shook her head.
“You’re not alone, Tally. Don’t pretend you are.”

He's honest.

“You really think I’m beautiful?”
“More beautiful than Shay?”
They both stood silent, their mouths gaping. The question had popped out of Tally before she could think. How had she uttered something so horrible?
“I’m sorry.”
David shrugged, turned away. “It’s a fair question. Yes, I do.”
“Do what?”
“I think you’re more beautiful than Shay.” He said it so matter-of-factly, as if talking about the weather.

He sees beyond the face.
“What you do, the way you think, makes you beautiful.”

And okay, so Zane might be a good-looking, charismatic guy who likes adrenaline rushes...but at the end of the day, when you want the one you can really count on? David, hands-down.


This post is for Amber's YA Love Triangle Week event at Down The Rabbit Hole, where there is voting, author interviews, and prizes. Caitlin from Scarrlet Reader is defending the other guy from the Uglies series, Zane, so check out the full post here!


  1. Team David all the way! David just has that special X factor that makes you want to squeeze him tight ;-) You really hit the nail on the head!

  2. Nice argument! I'm still on 'Team Zane', but your post was great. It did bring forward some good points about David.


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