November 6, 2010

Forget-Me-Nots: The Arkadians

This is a feature on my blog for highlighting books I enjoyed in childhood and the teenage years that I don't see getting much attention nowadays.

This week's pick: The Arkadians by Lloyd Alexander

Goodreads' description:

"To escape the wrath of the king and his wicked soothsayers, an honest young man joins forces with a poet-turned-jackass and a young girl with mystical powers as they embark on a series of epic adventures through the land of Arkadia."

Lloyd Alexander is best known for his Prydain Chronicles, which are amazing and my favorite of all his books. But I also really enjoyed The Arkadians — it's got humor, adventure, legends, and even a bit of romance. The cast of characters in this one is numerous, and yet they all have distinct personalities. I think my favorite has to be Fronto the poet-donkey (you'll understand if you read the book!)

Any other Lloyd Alexander fans out there?

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  1. I feel like my childhood reading was sadly lacking in the typical reads. Everyone has read these books that everyone else read as a child & I'm all "wait..what? whoisthat??" Sadness. This sounds like such a fun read! A poet-turned-jackass? You certainly have my attention =) I swear I don't know what I read as I child...I think just the entirety of the Babysitters Club books LOL. Oo and the random ones I picked up at Goodwill with my grandparents lol.


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