November 20, 2010

Forget-Me-Nots: The Fairy Lair Series

This is a feature on my blog for highlighting books I enjoyed in childhood and the teenage years that I don't see getting much attention nowadays.

This week's pick: The Fairy Lair series by Anne LeMieux (The Fairy Lair: A Special Place, The Fairy Lair: A Hidden Place, The Fairy Lair: A Magic Place)

Goodreads' description of the first in the series:

"A packet of mail-order seeds called "Magic Meadow Medley" involves Sylvia Widden in a fight to preserve a fairies' habitat threatened by drought. She finds an unexpected ally in a neighborhood bully with problems of her own."

This series was one of those hidden gems that gets virtually no buzz and unfortunately goes out of print quickly. My memory is a little fuzzy for this one, but as I recall it was a sweet read incorporating themes of friendship, magic and environment. I had the first two in the series, but was never able to get my hands on the third one, even from the library :(

Does anyone remember these books? *looks around hopefully*


  1. I remember these and loved them...the first two anyway! I also could never find the third one. I loved the mix of ancient Celtic themes (the four directions, knotwork and flute-playing) with modern environmental issues (air and water pollution, drought, etc.) The sylphs, undines and gnomes were a very visible symbol for the underlying message: if we don't take care of nature or exploit it for our own ends, it will turn on us in anger. Definitely something for readers of all ages to consider!

  2. I have a few copies left, and am passing them along to my granddaughter, who is almost eight years old. Today we're going to the Wee Faerie Village at the Florence Griswold Museum. Thank you so much for reading and enjoying these books, which were so enjoyable to write.
    Best wishes, Anne LeMieux


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