October 5, 2010

Top Ten Tuesday: Favorite Authors

The "Top Ten Tuesday" meme is hosted by The Broke and The Bookish, and this week's topic is our favorite authors. It was hard to disentangle these from my favorite books, so I tried to pick authors who have written more than one book I've enjoyed (often a series).

1.) Patricia Wrede - in particular for her Enchanted Forest series and her Sorcery & Cecelia collaboration with Caroline Stevermer

2.) Tamora Pierce - especially her Song of the Lioness and Immortals series

3.) Suzanne Collins - I think we all know why this is a favorite.

4.) Scott Westerfeld - for his Uglies series

5.) Shannon Hale - I adore The Goose Girl.

6.) Jane Austen - a reason does not need to be given for why Austen makes this list.

7.) Jaclyn Moriarty - for her Ashbury-Brookfield series, especially the first two!

8.) Meg Cabot - well, she has written SO many books but I especially like the Mediator series.

9.) Sharon Shinn - I like select books from her series (The Truth-Teller's Tale and Archangel) as well as her standalone Summers at Castle Auburn

10.) J.K. Rowling - once again, we all know why.

Who are your favorite authors?


  1. :) Lots of YA authors, yeah? Came over from the Top 10 host page. We have a few in common -- well, at least Rowling made both our lists.

    Love your Austen reason.

  2. There was a similar topic for Jillian's Top Ten Picks a while back. Here's my post.

  3. JK is going to be on a lot of lists :D
    I hope to add Suzanne Collins to my list soon!

  4. Stopping by from the Top Ten host page. Austen should be on my list...but I figure I can hardly claim her when I let four of her novels languish in my TBR pile. I have great plans to read them (I loved Persuasion and Pride & Prejudice)....

  5. Yes, you should definitely read Ingo but be warned it's a seriously addictive series! :D
    I haven't heard/read of a few on your list so I'll have to find out more about them. I haven't read any of Meg Cabot's contemporary books yet but I have read 2 of her regency romances for teens which I really enjoyed. I can't wait to read more of Austens now I've finished P and P, from what I have read so far I think she is going to be another of my favourites as with many other people.

    Also, thank you for tagging me! :)

  6. I just brought The Goose Girl home from the library--glad to hear that it is good!

  7. I think lots of others would agree with these choices. Very nice.

  8. I love Goose Girl, too. I think it has such an unfortunate title. The book is fantastic. Have you read all the sequels to it?

  9. I actually have not read anything by Patricia Wrede so will have to add her books to my reading list.

  10. I must admit to only having heard of four of the authors on your list, but I will definitely be on the look-out for books by the rest.

  11. I didn't get around to doing this meme this week, but I love reading what others had to say! My cousin keeps telling me to read Tamora Pierce...hmmm..

  12. great selection! I've never read the Mediator series, even though I'm a huge Meg Cabot fan. I think I'll have to give them a shot!

  13. Totally agree! I loved the Mediator series! I want a Spanish ghost to call me "querida"....


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