October 15, 2010

Forget-Me-Nots: The Ramona Series

This is a feature on my blog for highlighting books I enjoyed in childhood and the teenage years that I don't see getting much attention nowadays.

Okay, who remembers loving this series by Beverly Cleary?  I adored Ramona's adventures – she was so feisty and opinionated and always getting into trouble! I admired all of her escapades because I was not nearly as bold as she was growing up. (Although, she is a younger sister and I am too...so I totally related to her in terms of that.)

The series starts off with Beezus and Ramona:

 Description from Goodreads:

"Nine-year-old Beezus Quimby has her hands full with her little sister, Ramona. Sure, other people have little sisters that bother them sometimes, but is there anyone in the world like Ramona? Whether she's taking one bite out of every apple in a box or secretly inviting 15 other 4-year-olds to the house for a party, Ramona is always making trouble--and getting all the attention. Every big sister can relate to the trials and tribulations Beezus must endure. Old enough to be expected to take responsibility for her little sister, yet young enough to be mortified by every embarrassing plight the precocious preschooler gets them into, Beezus is constantly struggling with her mixed-up feelings about the exasperating Ramona. 

There's no one in the world like Beverly Cleary, either. This terrifically popular author of over two dozen children's books has withstood the test of time for generations, as her many awards, including the Newbery Medal, attest. Two books in the Ramona series, Ramona and Her Father and Ramona Quimby, Age 8, were also named Newbery Honor Books. Louis Darling's wonderful ink illustrations are the kind that will stay with a reader for a lifetime."

But my favorite has to be Ramona the Pest (I don't know how many times I re-read this book). This was the cover of my book, isn't it so cute? Sorry for the poor quality, I couldn't find a better image.

And the original illustrations were fantastic too!

I remember I was really sad when I finished off Ramona Forever... But as I was looking up the books now, I see Beverly Cleary wrote another book way later called Ramona's World, that I don't think I've ever read. So I am going to have to pick it up!

Ramona fans, anyone?


  1. I used to devour Ramona books!! Well, Beverly Cleary books, actually. But seeing those original illustrations just took me way back. Now I want to find them! I dislike the new incarnations so I always go in search of the same editions I read or had.

  2. Oh totally loved this series! I was teased constantly by my older siblings that my real name was Ramona instead of Rummanah, because they said I was so much like her. Looking back, I take that as a compliment instead of an insult. LOL!

  3. AH! Ramona Quimby, Age 8 was the first chapter book I ever read, and from then on I was a Beverly Cleary addict! I still own Romona Quimby, Age 8 and Socks, my two favorites.

  4. I loved Beverly Cleary when I was a kid. I will definitely pick up some of these books for my classroom once I'm a teacher in a few years. :-)

  5. Yay for all the Beverly Cleary love!


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