October 29, 2010

Mirror, Mirror?

Okay, sorry for the lame fairytale reference of a title.

Jackson Pearce just recently posted the cover of her upcoming book Sweetly (a Hansel and Gretel retelling) on her website, and it is a very cool and creepy-looking cover.

But, is anyone else reminded of the cover of Adam Gidwitz's A Tale Dark and Grimm? I haven't read this one, but it also features Hansel and Gretel!

Some of the similarities are kind of uncanny...the silhouetted tree branches, the yellow lights, the positions of the title and author's name... What do you think?


  1. Wow... very similar. Are they from the same publisher?

  2. I don't think so...according to Goodreads, A Tale Dark and Grimm is published by Dutton Juvenile (an imprint of Penguin, I believe) while Sweetly is published by Little, Brown & Co. Odd, isn't it?!

  3. I'm loving the title,they are remarkably similar down to the detail! It almost looks like they have been designed by the same cover artist. I don't think its possible that its just a coincidence, that would be incredibly uncanncy.
    I haven't read any Hansel and Gretel fairy tale retellings but I've been chosen to play Gretel in a play at Girl's Brigade (similar to Guides) as I'm one of the oldest LOL :D

    I saw the similarities to the the other cover of Fool's Girl to The Education of Bet too, I'm going to find some

  4. Uhhh wow, very similar! I think Jackson's has a little more to it, what with the optical illusion of tree branches/witches face but yes--it's practically different versions of the same cover!

  5. I saw the Sweetly cover the other day and loved how they used the branches like that. I haven't read A Dark Tale of Grim but the two covers do look pretty similar.


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