November 10, 2011

Kiss, Marry, Kill: The Hunger Games

Hey, it's been a while since one of these, eh? But Kiss, Marry, Kill is back! Here's how it works: you take a book, choose 3 guy characters from the book, and then the other person has to pick one to kiss, one to marry, and one to kill.

And this post is for...The Hunger Games series by Suzanne Collins! Now that we have an idea of what the characters in the movie will look like, I thought it would be a fine time for a Kiss, Marry, Kill post for this series. (Of course, feel free to visualize the characters however you would wish.)

And the choices are...

1.) Peeta

2.) Gale

3.) Cinna

So...who do you kiss, who do you marry, and who do you kill? And as always, if you'd like to join up and do your own, feel free to mention it in the comments or leave a link to your post there :)


  1. I'm sure this will make me wildly unpopular, but I would kill Peeta, kiss Cinna, and marry Gale.

  2. Oh, I am the same as Trish :) Kill Peeta, Kiss Cinna and marry Gale <3

  3. I'm going to get tomatoes thrown at me, but I love Peeta!

    Marry Peeta, Kiss Gale, and (sorry Cinna! I still love you!) kill Cinna.

  4. Well I'm totally marrying Peeta, that does not even require any thought. Buttttt the other two?? I dunno. Douchey Mockingjay Gale could die, I suppose, but deep down I think he's a good guy. But then Cinna is just an innocent, and he could design some fabulous outfits for me. I'm stumped. I guess I have to kill Cinna because I would rather kiss Gale. I guess I'm fickle like that. =b

  5. Danya, I mean this in the nicest way possible, but you're evil. How is a girl supposed to choose between any of them? ^.~ *continues to decide*

  6. I didn´t read the last book i would Kiss Gale, Marry Peeta and (I´m so sorry ) kill Cinna

  7. You just HAD to make Cinna the last guy didn't you? Seriously, this is breaking my heart!

    But, as Gale sort of stomped on my heart in Mockingjay, I'd kiss Cinna, kill Gale and marry Peeta. I still can't believe Cinna died in the books and I can't bear to kill him again!

  8. What a polarizing love triangle; I'm torn. In Book 1, Peeta annoyed me, so I'd have said then: Kiss Cinna, Marry Gale, Kill Peeta. However, over the course of the series my feelings changed and Peeta grew on me, so now I'd have to say: Kill Gale, Marry Peeta, Kiss... Finnick.

  9. Kiss - Peeta
    Marry - Gale
    Kill - X
    *face palm* I can't kill any one of those boys :(

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  11. @Trish and Nomes: Kill Peeta? Nooooo! *flings herself forward to save him*

    @geekgirl: I'll only be throwing tomatoes at you so I can have Peeta all to myself :D

    @Ashley: LOL, you would kill off poor Cinna so you could have the chance to kiss Gale? Fickle, fickle Ashley ;P

    @Midnight Bloom: I will take that as a compliment! Haha, I always try to make them impossibly tricky to choose :D Let me know when you come to a decision... ;)

    @Viktoria: Awww, poor Cinna!

    @Daisy: Haha, yep, I did that on purpose *evil laugh* Your choice is actually the same as mine!

    @Eve Marie Mont: LOLLLLLLLLL! Wow that's quite a change of feelings from Book 1 to Book 3. Interesting!

    @smittenskitten: I know what you mean!

  12. Oh my gosh! This is so hard!

    I'd have to kill Gale because I can't stand the idea of killing Peeta or Cinna, even though I don't really want Gale dead either. I'd kiss Cinna because he's so sweet. And, I'd definitely marry Peeta!

  13. Wow, I can't decide. Are we talking about book Peeta and Gale, or movie Peeta & Gale?

    Okay, book Peeta (marry), book Gale (kiss), Cina (No, I can't kill him - I know, I'd never survive the Hunger Games)!

    As for movie Gale, (kiss and marry) because Liam Hemsworth is super HOT! I know, it's a superficial answer. I'm sorry!! :)


    There's no doubt who I'd marry. I'm a Peeta girl through and through. But... gah. I... DON'T KNOW. Kill Gale, kiss Cinna? Did I just say that?! :S Cinna died once, so I can't kill him again. My heart broke when he died. But I started to warm more toward Gale in CF and while what happened with Prim is devestating, I think he'll forever be suffering for what he did. So I'm sorta being nice putting him out of his misery, right? RIGHT?

    CRUEL, DANYA. But fun :P

  15. @Jenni Elyse: That's what I'd choose, too! Excellent decision ;D

    @Taryn Browning: LOL, superficial answers are welcome here! :)

    @Brodie: LOLLLLLLLL! Yes, you are totally putting him out of his misery. (And yes, I'm a Peeta girl through and through too :D)

  16. I will kill cena sorry! kiss gale and Mary Peeta I am in love whith peeta and katniss so I will love to se peeta Mary katniss ( I love you Josh in real life when did you get soo HOT! you all

  17. I JUST finished Mockingjay today and this is haaaaaard. Before I would have been all over the killing Peeta, but now I kind of get the need for his character better. I'm still solidly Team Gale though. And OMG CINNA YOU ARE MY FAVORITE MARRY MEEEE.

    Ok, I guess I just answered part of the question. Marry Cinna. Kiss Gale, for sure. I guess that leaves poor Peeta getting the knife (arrow?). Heh.


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