March 2, 2019

Short & Sweet: The Shadow Society and Drowning Anna

The Shadow Society by Marie Rutkoski

I found this to be an entertaining read, but not of the same caliber as Rutkoski's Winner's Trilogy (which is not too surprising, considering this book was written before that series). The plotting in the Winner's Trilogy is more clever, and there's a lot more complexity in the political maneuvring. It's also darker and more mature than this book. Nevertheless, I liked the protagonist Darcy and her hot-cold relationship with Conn, and the whole notion of these two parallel universes based off of one historical event. There are definitely some questions around worldbuilding that never get answered (where did Shades come from in the first place, for one), but that didn't bother me a whole lot.

3.5 shooting stars. 

Drowning Anna by Sue Mayfield

This book took me back to my high school days, and I really felt for Anna here. The sheer nastiness of the bullying she endured was despicable. I do feel like the book ended quite abruptly, and without resolution of the storylines (why did Hayley begin bullying Anna in the first place? Did Anna and Melanie patch up their friendship?). But certainly it was an honest look at how hurtful and destructive bullying can be, and how often it is dismissed as "teasing" or overlooked by teachers.

 3.5 shooting stars. 


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