March 19, 2019

Amy Snow: A Rambling Review

Amy Snow by Tracy Rees

The mystery in this story was predictable, but I enjoyed seeing Amy Snow's character develop. The writing style had a formal, old-fashioned sort of vibe, which suited the era that the novel is set in. I also liked the set-up of the "treasure hunt", which worked well to keep the story progressing (and it was interesting to see how Amy came to quite resent the hunt at one point). 

I do wish we'd gotten to know some of the minor characters better (such as Henry). However, the book is called Amy Snow, and it certainly shows us how Amy grows into herself, becoming a more confident and sure-footed young woman by the end. 

An added bonus for me was that the section set in Bath brought back memories of my time spent in that city -- apparently I had a much more favourable impression of it than Amy did! (Seriously, Amy, how could you not like Bath? It is delightful.)

4 shooting stars.  


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