July 1, 2018

Short & Sweet: Everything You Want and The Distance Between Us

Everything You Want by Barbara Shoup

Somehow, I found the protagonist Emma's voice to be both relatable (perhaps to a younger self of mine) and annoying. She often came across as immature and self-absorbed, albeit in a pretty believable (for that age and time in her life) sort of way. Still, eventually her voice and way of seeing the world began to get on my nerves.

3 stars.


The Distance Between Us by Kasie West

This was a cute contemporary read, although I do prefer On The Fence of the Kasie West contemps I've read so far. Picturing the doll store was a little creepy (just me?), and I was not the biggest fan of Caymen's voice. I get that she was under a lot of pressure, and took on more responsibility than most teens her age would, but she made some pretty immature decisions, and her snark sometimes slid over the line from "sarcasm" into "bitter." A little more backstory to explain why she and her mom were so biased against rich people would have been helpful; as it was, that particular "obstacle" felt kinda forced. I did like Xander most of the time – I enjoyed that he was confident without being belligerent, and that he was very supportive of Caymen without pushing for more from her. 

3 stars.


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  1. I think the YA books female characters can sometimes be annoying. But...are they like that in real life? I do find some people petty and annoying. lol
    sherry @ fundinmental


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