November 28, 2012

U-Pick: Most Endearing Animal Sidekick?

Here's how this feature works: each week I'll post a categorical superlative (e.g. "most sadistic villain" "crankiest father figure" "protagonist you would most like to slap some sense into" etc.) and list a few choices of characters from YA books in a poll. You get to pick! The poll will run for a week, and then in the following post I'll update with the name of the winning character. 

Last time the title of YA character Most Likely to End Up in Prison was up for grabs, and I am pleased to announce that the winner is...

...Rose from Vampire Academy!

Apparently she is just too impulsive for her own good.

This time around, the question is: who is the Most Endearing Animal Sidekick in YA?

There are lots of choices here, so vote below! (If the book is part of a series, I've just listed the series name. You can decide which book you want to base your vote on.) There's also an option for a write-in vote if your pick isn't listed. If that's the case, please choose "other" and then leave the character's name and book title in the comments :)


  1. That one was hard! I ended up picking Hedwig because I love her. But, I also wanted to choose Pan and Dobby (even though he's not really an animal sidekick, but I kind of see him like that).

  2. I'm totally going to have to go with other and say Manchee from The Knife of Never Letting Go. There are a lot of great choices, actually... like Nero from Blood Red Road, plus the ones you've mentioned. Basically I LOVE animal characters.


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