November 10, 2012

Must-haves for the Christmas Wishlist? Recommend Away!

That's right, it's that time of year again: wishlist-making season. I'm going to try not to put too many books on the list this year, because frankly, I already have a horrifyingly large amount of books that still need to be read...but of course, it wouldn't be Christmas without books, so I have to have some sort of list.

Which brings me to you guys. What books are topping your list this year? Which ones have you read that you think need to be under everyone else's trees? What books absolutely blew you away and you want to give them as gifts to all your friends? I would love to see your recommendations, and maybe get a few ideas for my own wishlist!

And if you're more or less familiar with my reading tastes and have a book in mind you think I absolutely need to read, I am doubly interested in hearing about it. Recommend away!


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  1. Great post, I was just thinking about this the other day! Books I'll be giving as gifts this year (and through giveaways) are my favorites, such as: the Mara Dyer books by Michelle Hodkin, Something Like Normal by Trish Doller, and Meant To Be by Lauren Morrill.

    Books I'll be asking for or getting for myself for Christmas, I've decided, are the books that have been on my wish list forever and I've yet to buy. I have so many books on my wish list, but when I'm faced with having to choose between buying an older book or the new release everyone's talking about, I usually go with the newer one. So I'll finally be playing catch up, I guess.


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