January 23, 2012

Reader Reaction Survey: Please Fill This Out!

I've seen some other bloggers doing these kinds of surveys, and I thought it might be helpful to do one for my own blog. I'm wondering what direction to take things in this year and I'd love your input as to what you think I should keep/change/add to A Tapestry of Words! I'd appreciate it if you could take just a minute to fill out this survey.

It's anonymous, of course, so please give me your honest opinion :) If you don't feel comfortable answering some of the questions, you are more than welcome to leave them blank.



  1. Danya--speaking of writing, you do it very well. What would YOU write if you ventured into YA fiction?

    1. Oh, thanks so much, Nan! Well, my sister and I collaborate on creative writing projects — a couple of them are YA fantasy. They're a lot of fun! I find having a co-author helps when I get stuck for ideas :D


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