August 11, 2011

Kiss, Marry, Kill: The Ashbury-Brookfield series

This is a regular feature on my blog. Here's how it works: you take a book, choose 3 guy characters from the book, and then the other person has to pick one to kiss, one to marry, and one to kill.

This week, it's the Ashbury-Brookfield series by Jaclyn Moriarty. Not sure how many people have read this series, but the ones who have will recognize just how tough a decision this is :P

The boys:

1.) Charlie (The Year of Secret Assignments)

2.) Seb (The Year of Secret Assignments)

3.) Jared (Feeling Sorry for Celia)

So...who do you kiss, who do you marry, and who do you kill? And as always, if you'd like to join up and do your own, feel free to mention it in the comments or leave a link to your post there :)


  1. Ok this is definitely a tough one! I'm going to say kill Charlie just because he's a bit annoying. Kiss Jared because he is so adorable but marry Seb because I feel I got to know his personality the most compared to any of the other characters.

  2. Ahh this is impossible because each of these characters are wonderful/flawed in their own way. I'd probably marry Charlie because he's funny... but then again Seb was so sweet to his baby brother.... Feeling Sorry For Celia was my favorite story but I can barely remember Jared. So I guess he's dead :P

    No Sergio or Finnegan from Bindy Mackenzie's book? That's my favorite of the three. (The book with the ghosts just doesn't live up to the first in the rest imo.) Sorry for the rambly comment! The characters in these books are just too damn complex and awesome to choose from.

  3. @Sysha: Awww, you would kill Charlie? :( Jared *is* adorable...I think I would kiss him, marry Charlie and kill Seb :P

    @Linna: I know, Moriarty does such perfectly flawed characters! :D LOL, yeah we don't get to see much of Jared till the end (although his notes are cute!) Sorry, I thought about including a guy from the Bindy Mackenzie book but I wanted both Seb and Charlie in there, LOL. Maybe another time!

  4. LOL Danya at least it's good to know we won't be fighting over any boys!

  5. This is SO tough to answer! Since I don't know Jared since I haven't read Feeling Sorry for Celia, I guess I would kill him off. But such a tough choice between Charlie and Seb b/c I like them both! I guess I would kiss Charlie and marry Seb b/c he makes an awesome Agent AKA and I also thought he was sweet with his younger sibling! :)

  6. @Sysha: LOL, so true! You can have Seb if you least, until I kill him :P

    @Midnight Bloom: Awwwww poor Jared! Perhaps once you read Feeling Sorry for Celia you will feel differently? :D I know, it's a tough choice! I always try to make them tricky... *insert evil laugh here*


    the most impossibly hardest one YET.

    seb's the ultimate. so i'll marry him

    kiss jared b/c he is incredibly hot and mysterious

    and, well, sorry charlie. we will say awesome things about you at your funeral. youre a great guy ;)


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