July 28, 2011

Psychtember: Your Chance to Question An Expert!

I'm really pleased that there'll be several mental health professionals participating in Psychtember! In fact, Carolyn Kaufman, author of The Writer's Guide to Psychology, will be dropping by. Dr. Kaufman is a clinical psychologist, writer and writing coach, and her book offers a lot of great information in a concise package. More to the point, it's dead-on in terms of accuracy.

I'd love to give my readers this opportunity to suggest questions or topics for Dr. Kaufman to discuss. Are you wondering what misconceptions about psychology pop up most often in novels? How to tell when therapy is being accurately portrayed? Any burning questions about creating characters with mental illness? 

Here's your chance to get an expert's opinion on writing and mental health! Just leave your questions in the comments below (or if you'd prefer you can e-mail me with them).


  1. Danya this is a fantastic initiative!! Love it, great work!

  2. Thanks for inviting me to participate in Psychtember. In addition to having The Babysitter Murders featured on someone else's blog, I'd like to do a series of interviews with YA authors who write about OCD: Heidi Ayarbe (Compulsion), Matt Blackstone (A Scary Scene in a Scary Movie), George Harrar(Not As Crazy As I Seem), Terry Spencer Hesser (Kissing Doorknobs), and Lisa McMann (Cryer's Cross). Please include me in the planning/communication for the event! Thanks again!


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