July 29, 2011

Kiss, Marry, Kill: Song of the Lioness

This is a regular feature on my blog. Here's how it works: you take a book, choose 3 guy characters from the book, and then the other person has to pick one to kiss, one to marry, and one to kill.

This week, it's the Song of the Lioness series by Tamora Pierce! If you have not read this YA fantasy series...what are you still doing here? Go read it!

The men:

1.) Prince Jonathan

2.) George, King of Thieves

3.) Liam, the Shang Dragon
So, who do you kiss, who do you marry, and who do you kill? And as always, if you'd like to join up and do your own, feel free to mention it in the comments or leave a link to your post there :)


  1. I'd join, but it's been too long since I've read the books. :( I've just picked up Bloodhound, the second Beka Cooper book, and I can't even remember what happened in the first book, the last Pierce I read. I love the Tortall series, though.

  2. Oh how could you! I love this series, I just can't believe it took me so long to read it. Seriously, this is MEAN. Marry: George, how could I not? Plus I've always had a thing for thieves, they are like ninjas but cooler. Kiss Jon, because I can't kill him because he'll be king one day! I'll kill Liam because... well, sooner than later? :P Actually, I just might kill Jon because he could be a brat, but he was so awesome in the first 2 books... nah. I'll stick with my first choices :p

  3. I'd kill Prince Jonathan, cause he really annoyed me the further I got into the series.
    I'd kiss Liam, because well, I have stronger feelings about the other two.
    And absolutely no contest: I'd marry George. Because George is awesome and sweet and amazing and gorgeous and just perfect.


    Kiss: Liam- he seems like a good lover
    Marry: George, of course... he's so hot. and a stand-up kind of guy.
    Kill: Prince Jonathan aka The Tool (although this would get me executed... but whatevs.)

  5. @SusieBookworm: it's been quite a while since I've read these books too! I used to re-read them tons when I was younger, though :D

    @Audrey: Haha, I think I'd do the same as you! I never liked Liam very much. And Jon was pretty cool in the first 2 books (certainly better than in the 3rd, ugh) so I'd just kiss him and marry George :)

    @Daisy: LOL, I do get your wanting to kill Jon...he becomes very annoying and acts like a spoiled brat later on. And love all those adjectives for George (so true!)

    @Allison: hahaha aka The Tool. Nice that you're willing to risk execution! ;)

  6. Tough choices! These three guys were basically the epitome of male perfection for my tween heart. So I guess I would:

    Kiss: George - I do love him, but I don't think I could deal with a guy who cuts off peoples' ears as a form of discipline.
    Marry: Jonathon - he was so cute in the first couple books, and becoming the Queen would be a nice perk! :)
    Kill: Liam - like Audrey said, better sooner than later!

  7. Oh man, I haven't read these ones! I was never into fantasy when I was younger. My friend Gemini (and other bloggers, as well) swears by how good these are, though, so I'm going to have to check them out at some point.

  8. @Colleen: You do make a good point about George's ear collection! I'm not sure how well I could stomach that either, now that I think about it...

    @Ashley: Oh, definitely read them when you get a chance! The Alanna series were THE books to get me into YA fantasy :)


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