May 23, 2011

Kicking Off Armchair BEA!

Hello fellow Armchair BEA participants! I totally wanted to go to BEA after hearing so much about it, but I'm still just a student right now and money is tight (plus I'm in Canada on the west coast, so it's quite the trip). So, I'm participating from afar through Armchair BEA!

Here's a little more info about me: I'm Danya, a self-proclaimed book and chocolate addict. I've been seriously book blogging since last July (just a couple more months until I celebrate my 1-year blogoversary!) and thoroughly enjoying it. I love reading YA in particular, and within that my tastes are pretty eclectic — I read fantasy, dystopian, historical, contemp and mystery (and even some paranormal from time to time). I have a BA in psychology so I particularly love books with fascinating characters and interpersonal relations.

Here are a few features on the blog: Forget-Me-Nots, where I periodically highlight a less well-known book from my childhood/teen years; Find the Gap (looking at gaps in YA fiction) and YA Through The Ages (an overview of YA from its earliest roots through to the present day) discussion series; and my Read Outside Your Comfort Zone Challenge (you can still join up!). And if you're a psych geek like me, you might enjoy the survey and related discussion I did recently involving favourite YA genres and connections to personality traits.

Anyway, if you're new to my blog, welcome! We can commiserate about missing BEA together :D


  1. Book and chocolate = best things ever. And, hm, it must be interesting reading with a psychology degree. Have fun with Armchair BEA, and here's to attending BEA next year (maybe)!

  2. Welcome to Armchair BEA! Congrats on your upcoming blogoversary. Mine is next week. I'm way excited.

  3. Hi, Danya! I'm a psychology grad too. cheers, mate! hopefully we can attend one of the BEAs in the future. *crosses-fingers* :)

  4. Hey Danya! (Love your name, by the way) Thanks for stopping by my blog, I love meeting fellow vegans or vegetarians! <3 Yay for your upcoming blogoversary!

  5. Hi Danya! *waves* Thanks for stopping by my blog - I didn't realize you were doing Armchair BEA, too, so it's good to see a familiar face. :)

    I didn't know that you only started your blog last July. (I started mine last April, so it's been just over a year for me.) I also didn't know that you have a B.A. in Psychology - though it does make sense with the fact that you did that survey a little while back. I never studied Psychology formally, but some of the papers I wrote in my undergrad and master's used trauma scholarship, like Judith Herman's Trauma and Recovery to examine what happened in the context of the novels, plays, etc that I was reading. What are you studying now?

  6. I'm *so upset* to be missing BEA! *cries*

    I've been wanting to do something such as your Forget-Me-Not for a while now, but haven't done so yet! Maybe someday...

    Jacquelyn Mitchard has so many good books. Her most famous one is THE DEEP END OF THE OCEAN, which was made into a movie and also the first book to ever be an Oprah's pick. I really like her style and think you will too as a fellow Jodi fan. In fact, Jodi and Jacquelyn often blurb the same books! For example, one of the books by Laura Moriarty, THE YEAR OF FOG by Michelle Richmond, and I THINK they both blurbed one of Heather Gudenkauf's novels!


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