April 26, 2011

Top Ten Tuesday: Literary Mean Girls

This fabulous meme is hosted by The Broke and The Bookish, and this week's topic is mean girls. Oh, how to choose only 10...

In no particular order:

1.) Hattie from Ella Enchanted – oh, how she grates on the nerves. I hate the way she manipulates Ella for her own ends once she finds out about Ella's obedience curse. She's so stuck-up, selfish and smug that every time I read it I get all indignant all over again on Ella's behalf.

2.) Alice from Beautiful Malice – there's something more than a little wrong with Alice. I think she has histrionic or borderline personality disorder, perhaps; whatever it is, it makes her extremely unstable mentally and emotionally and very controlling when it comes to her "friends."

3.) Lina from the Luxe series – actually, most of the characters in the Luxe series are morally reprehensible, but Lina is somehow worse than the others because she is so desperate to rise in the social ranks that she'll do absolutely anything to keep her standing. Penelope, at least, is mean out of revenge and what she thinks is love; Lina is mean just to feather her own nest.

4.) Sally Biddle from the Boston Jane series – she is just plain infuriating. Basically, a snotty, condescending bully in nice clothes, with a real talent for knowing exactly where someone's weak spot is.

5.) Selia from The Goose Girl – I know I've mentioned her before on these lists, but she really is the lowest of the low. Gifted with people-speak magic, she uses her talent abominably to wrap everyone around her little finger and get precisely what she wants.

6.) Isabella Thorpe from Northanger Abbey – she is a real piece of work. So sly and cunning, pretending to love Catherine's brother and really only being interested in money.
Evil. Pure evil.

7.) Tamara from Crown Duel – she starts out very nasty, determined to make a fool of Meliara, and then eventually she becomes more of an ally. She never really becomes friendly, though.

Don't be fooled by the sweet smile.
8.) Lucy Steele from Sense & Sensibility – she's quiet and devious, and subtly cruel. She swears Elinor to secrecy regarding Lucy's engagement to Edward, all the while knowing that Elinor has feelings for Edward. And then she digs the knife in just a little deeper by continually bringing the topic up - in private, of course.

9.)  Catherine from Wuthering Heights – I only read this one once (once was enough) so I don't remember the details, but I do remember Catherine was spiteful, vindictive, catty and incredibly self-centered. A mean girl? Methinks so.

You deserve to wander the moors forever, Catherine.

10.) Jane from the Twilight series – one word: sadist.


  1. I should've put Jane on my list and I was going to put Sella on my list, but I couldn't remember her name.

  2. Jane is the only one of your list that I know and I totally agree. I am going to read Wuthering Heights at some point this year though.

    Reading Lark's Top 10

  3. I am in full agreement about Hattie. She is so evil. And I agree about Lucy Steele as well. Excellent picks!

  4. Ah yes, I remember Lina. I kinda admired her ambitious personality but I waited for her to fall on her face. She got lucky, didn't she?

  5. I completely agree with Catherine! She was rather unpleasant. Also, I'm about ready to start Northanger Abbey - I'll have to keep an eye out for Isabella.

  6. Great list! I totally agree with Lina, Selia, Isabella and Lucy Steel (I'm glad I recognise them.) Infact I just watched Northanger Abbey for the first time on Monday night although I haven't read the book yet and Isabella is truly evil and the lowest of the low.

    About the Eva Ibbotson books: Oh, don't worry! It's not bad you haven't read any yet. I just thought you had because of where you said they look like fantasy novels but they aren't when you must have read the descriptions. I still haven't read all her adult books even though I have them but I'd reccomend you start with The Secret Countess. Her younger books Journey To The River Sea, The Star of Kazan and The Dragonfly Pool are all very good too :)

  7. Yes, Twilight Jane was mean... but she was also one of the only truly interesting characters in the series. I would totally avoid her in real life, though!

  8. I haven't actually read Ella Enchanted, and up until this top ten tuesday I didn't realize it was a book! just a movie! i feel so left out, I am going to go buy it and read it!


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