March 17, 2011

Forget-Me-Nots: Winter of Fire

This is a feature on my blog for highlighting books I enjoyed in childhood and the teenage years that I don't see getting much attention nowadays.

Winter of Fire by Sherryl Jordan

Goodreads' description:

"Elsha, a young girl who is one of the branded people destined to mine coal for the ruling class, experiences strange visions that cause her to be condemned to death until she is chosen to be Handmaiden to a powerful Firelord."

This is one of those superbly unique gems of a story that I'm sorry more people don't know about! The world-building is fantastic — a rare combination of fantasy and dystopian, and what's more, it makes sense — the characters are well-drawn, especially the courageous protagonist Elsha who you'll be rooting for in no time, and the plot has an almost epic feel to it. I think Sherryl Jordan was ahead of her time with this one, really, since dystopian reads are so hot right now and genre-mixing is becoming more popular (Winter of Fire was originally published back in 1993). 

And I actually really like that cover (which was the cover of our paperback copy) — her outfit and intense gaze is striking, and I love the tagline: "She's the light in a world of darkness."

Has anyone read this one? I never hear it getting talked about but I think it would appeal to some Hunger Games fans.   


  1. I'm going to have to check if my library has this one. I don't usually read older titles but I really like the sound of this book.

  2. Ahhh! I LOVE this book oh-so-very much!

    It's actually one of my faves and I *adore* Sherryl Jordan in general.

    I also agree in the current YA climate this book would do very well ~ such a shame it is out of print :(

    I also *love* her books The Juniper game, The secret Sacrament and Rocco :)

    LOVE this post :D

  3. Nope, never heard of it, but my library does have it, so I've added it to my list!

  4. I apparently already have it marked as "to read" in Goodreads! Will have to bump it up the TBR after your recommendation. :)


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