February 20, 2011

Predicting Personality from Genre: Take the Quiz!

I've had over 100 responses to my Is Personality Related to Genre? survey (thanks everyone!) I'll share the results sometime soon (complete with some snazzy charts, although nothing too scientific) but first I thought it'd be fun to create a quiz based on the data. So, here goes...my attempt to predict some of your personality traits from your 1st and 2nd favourite genres in YA!

I found this quiz way more difficult to create than I'd anticipated, so I ended up breaking it down a little. Here's how it works:

Choose your FAVOURITE genre (within the category of YA) from the 7 listed directly below. Click on the associated link to be taken to the right quiz, which will ask for your second favourite genre and will then tell you a bit about yourself :)

1) Traditional/High Fantasy
2) Urban Fantasy
3) Historical
4) Realistic/Contemporary
5) Mystery
6) Paranormal
7) Sci-fi/Dystopian

I'm interested to know if the results are at all reflective of your personalities, so feel free to tell me either way! (If it's not remotely representative of you, that's totally okay and you can let me know - I won't be offended.) Also, the names for each personality "type" are all in good fun and not meant to be insulting!


  1. Got everything but the "People Person" Part right - though of course, that could be my fault, I wasn't sure what to choose for my first vs. Second favorite, so I went with Urban Fantasy then High Fantasy. Just out of curiosity, I switched it and still came out with People Person! lol, maybe I'm more of an extravert than I thought!

  2. So I got the result "Realistic Creatures of Habit" and YAH, it's very VERY much like me. Haha it always creeps me out how most of the quizzes like that give me really accurate results.

    I'm super curious to see if the same is true for everyone else...

  3. Apparently I'm a paranormal party animal or a sci fi party animal depending on which I put first. I'm definitely more of an animal person and think things through logically.
    I don't know about 'party animal' but being with my friends definitely makes me happier!
    Haha this was cool, super curious to see the full results :D

  4. I got Realistic Creature of Habit (Realistic/Contemporary followed by Mystery) which is pretty accurate. Can't wait to see the results from your Personality/Genre survey-I thought it was a really interesting post and I want to see what others put.

  5. I got Historical Paradoxes....and it was frightening how accurately it described me!

  6. I got Paranormal People Person. I'm not sure how much of a people person I am lol. I do enjoy interacting with people but I actually prefer to be myself or with a small group of close friends. The relying on things logically and getting stressed out easily part sounds right though.

  7. Close- I'm Realistic Factualist. It's pretty close, although I'd say I'm balanced between liking/preferring concrete facts to theories and patterns. It depends on what the topic is discussing, but both my major and minor in college relied heavily on theories. I love theories! :)

    This was such an awesome idea! Can't wait to see the results!

  8. Thanks everyone for the feedback! I was really interested to see how on or off the mark the quizzes were...I'm glad to hear that everyone's been enjoying it and that the quizzes have been quite accurate for at least some of you! :D

  9. Pretty good! Except mine said I am a people person and feel energized around people. I'm the total opposite there :)

    Thanks for putting all the effort into this. I love this study and the quiz was really fun!

  10. Wow! That is pretty accurate! I'm definitely more of an animal person, and even little things can make me go stress-crazy. I don't think I'd call myself a people person though...I'm actually a bit of a misanthrope. LOL

  11. I got Paranormal Spock which is kinda scarily accurate haha XD


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