June 14, 2022

Red Sister: A Rambling Review (Adult)

Red Sister by Mark Lawrence

I found most of this first book in the series to be quite slow-moving, except right towards the end where it feels like everything is happening at breakneck pace. It reads more like a set-up for the rest of the series than a story in its own right. But I very much enjoyed getting to know the characters and seeing their friendships form and strengthen. Nona is a gutsy protagonist, although by the end of the book I found her to be somewhat "overpowered" -- she is portrayed as almost indestructible, and I feel like her personality shifted rather suddenly towards the end. She "comes into" her powers and skills so rapidly as to be somewhat unrealistic (granted, she has had training throughout the rest of the book). I also enjoyed getting to know the world, although bits and pieces of information were sprinkled here and there in such a way as to leave me feeling confused as I read (I still don't entirely understand the origin story of the Ark, or how the "focus" works, or any number of other world-building snippets). I really wish a map had been included to help me better visualize the world and the layout of the convent!

3.5 shooting stars.

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