July 3, 2019

Short & Sweet: Mistborn

Mistborn by Brandon Sanderson

A very solid high fantasy read, with a thoroughly realized world. Sanderson pays attention to the characters he crafts and the world he creates, making both feel real and detailed and distinct. If I were to pick on something, it would be the pacing -- a lot of this book felt slow to me, with a good deal of scenes involving strategizing and dialogue when I wanted some action! Right at the end there are some exciting reveals, but I do think it didn't need to be quite so drawn out. 

I want to talk about a certain element of the plot, but I can't because of massive spoilers! Highlight to read: Kelsier actually died???? WHY???? He was one of my favourite characters! I loved his bravado and leadership and overconfidence and loyalty. NOT HAPPY with that development.

I liked the character development we see in Vin (although sometimes I thought it was too obviously broadcast to the reader) and hoping to see her continue to grow in the next book.


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