December 17, 2013

Help Me Get Back in the Loop!

For the past several months I've been bogged down with studying and exams and everything else that goes along with grad school, so I have had no time for blogging OR reading for pleasure. But now I have a few weeks off for the holidays and so I am hoping to catch up on book-related goings-on!

And for that I need your help, blogger friends. So I'm asking you to recommend me:

- book blogs to follow! I went through a lot of the blogs on my Feedly and a shocking number of them haven't posted in years or have just plain poofed out of existence (reminding me of the Tribute to Vanished Bloggers I wrote last year). So I need some new ones to follow! Who do you love? Who writes wonderfully analytical/witty/creative book reviews or has awesome discussion posts or hosts a super cool book blog event?

- author blogs to follow! Especially laugh-out-loud funny ones. I need some more of these in my Feedly!

- books published in 2013 that you read, loved, and are pushing on everyone! Like I said above, I did not get much reading done in the last half of this year, so I'm feeling a bit out of the loop. (Alternatively, what books did not live up to the hype and/or I should stay far away from?)

Thanks in advance!


  1. *grabs pen and notebook*

    *waits patiently for answers*

  2. and me both, Audrey! ;P

  3. 1.,,,,,,,

    2. I used to love to read Brodi Ashton's blog, but she doesn't blog as often as she used to. None of the authors I follow really blog that much anymore. It's sad.

    3. Clockwork Princess is the only book I read that was published this year. But, if you've read the series, it's an awesome ending! I highly recommend it!

    1. Thanks very much for the recs, Jenni! There are some blogs you listed that I don't know, so I'll have to check them out. Also, yeah, I follow Brodi Ashton's blog too but you're right, she doesn't post much anymore :(


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