September 30, 2012

In Case You Missed It...Psychtember Week 4! (And an Extension...)


Worried that you missed a few Psychtember posts this week? Relax — they're all here!

Week 4 posts:

Guest Posts: 

Body Dysmorphic Disorder

Why Bully?

How Much Should You Emphasize Your Character's Mental Illness?

Perfect Escape: A Psychtember Review

Ultraviolet: Guest Review

Fall For Anything: Guest Review

Something Like Normal: A Psychtember Review

Wintergirls: Guest Review


Jennifer Brown


Psychtember "Waiting on Wednesday" picks


Jennifer Brown giveaway (Bitter End and Perfect Escape) – US only, ends 10/10

Remember, the Something Like Normal and Streamline giveaways both end today!

Also, the YA involving mental health issues (2000-present) Goodreads list has almost reached 50 books! Let's keep on expanding it :)

I know it's the last day of September, but I've still got a few more Psychtember posts planned (that's right, there's just too much Psychtember goodness to be had!) so I'll be extending the event into October. So keep on checking back!

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  1. I have totally missed Psychtember this year :( I LOVE this event you do! You do such an amazing job. Thanks for compiling all the posts here. I know what will be keeping me busy now :)


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