July 25, 2012

Psychtember Question Box!


Psychtember is back this coming fall (mark your calendars!), and along with it, Dr. Carolyn Kaufman! She's a clinical psychologist, author of the book The Writer's Guide to Psychology, and writing coach. You can read last year's interviews with her here and here

Last year I gave my blog readers the chance to offer up their own questions for Dr. Kaufman, and I'd like to do the same again this year! This time around, though, I'm going to make it an anonymous "Question Box" so that people feel more comfortable voicing their ideas. For instance...
  • Are you a writer, wondering how to best portray a character with a particular mental illness? 
  • Are you a reader, trying to figure out if therapy in real life actually works like it does in the YA novel you're reading? 
  • Are you a mental health professional looking for books to recommend for teens who are struggling with mental health issues?  

Whatever the case may be, I welcome your questions! I'll choose some and pass them on to Dr. Kaufman, who will answer them during the event.

To suggest a question or topic for Dr. Kaufman to discuss, please use the form below (or if it's not working for you, this link here

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