June 6, 2012

Armchair BEA: Networking Tips?

The topic for today's Armchair BEA post is: using your blog to network in real life (not just online!)

I must admit I don't actually have much experience to bring to the table for this discussion. Earlier this year I went to the Marissa Meyer signing for Cinder (she was super nice and I had an awesome time!) and last fall I was lucky enough to be in the Toronto area when the book blogger meet-up took place (hosted by the Ontario Blog Squad, at which I met some of the Ontario bloggers I'd previously only communicated with online, which was so fabulous). Oh, and I attended Word on the Street in Toronto last fall, too.

I'm hoping to get to a few more author signings — Richelle Mead is coming to Vancouver this month and I'd definitely like to be there! But really, I'd love to get advice from my fellow bloggers on this topic. Have any of you used your blog to connect with your local libraries or bookstores? How do you promote yourself at signings or other events? (I've heard business cards are a good idea...advice on making those?) Any tips on organizing get-togethers for bloggers? 


  1. I do have business cards, but I have to admit I've rarely used them. I think they would be good in situations like BEA where you're meeting a lot of publishers, but when it comes to author events and such I'm way too introverted to just randomly hand them out to people. I've included them whenever I've sent away swag giveaways and stuff, though. And I actually bought my cards when Vistaprint was having a huge sale... I got 500 business cards and 100 address labels for $5 including shipping. Soooo if you can find a deal like that it's definitely worth it. =b

    I'm also looking for some tips about connecting with high schools or libraries. I guess it just starts with putting yourself out there and introducing yourself, which isn't always something I'm good at.

  2. I love that you are at least trying to make new friends and get out there and meet authors. Its great to have those connections.

    I have used my blog and have meet up with other local bloggers. It doesn't happen over night.

  3. I see people hand their cards to authors at signings all the time. I have yet to feel really comfortable with that, but I'm sure it's all good. As for blogger get togethers, you just need to advertise that you are hoping to do one, get a list together of who blogs in your area, and then make it happen! (That last one is the hardest part!) Good luck!

  4. I have business cards from Vistaprint too. I hand them out to authors and publishers at books fairs and other events such as Thriller Fest. Of course, I always have had a nice discussion with these folks first.

  5. You've done more than me! :P

    I'm hoping to start going to signings, if possible. They never seem to be near me and/or I never have anyone to go with. But I'm trying to change that!

  6. I have business cards and I love them. I got a perk from Klout that allowed me to have free cards made by Moo Cards. All I had to pay for was the shipping costs. I hand them out to all my blogger friends, bookstore people, library people, and authors when I meet them. Check them out. They're not too expensive if you don't get them for free. :)

  7. I am a bit jealous of the fact that you will get to attend a Richelle Mead signing! I wish she'd come to Australia :D Enjoy it!


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