May 16, 2010

Magic Under Glass: Review

Jaclyn Dolamore's first novel Magic Under Glass was an intriguing fantasy read involving a young girl Nimira who is hired by a sorcerer to sing with an automaton. When she finds out that the "clockwork man" is really a fairy prince trapped by a malicious enchantment, she vows to do her utmost to free him. However, those on the Sorcerer's Council are vowing the opposite... and time is running out for Nimira to save the man she's fallen in love with.

I really liked Dolamore's unique take on enchantment as well as the nature of her characters. Nimira is a gutsy protagonist and the sorcerer Hollin is very ambiguous (I didn't know what to make of him for a good part of the book). I couldn't help pitying the poor fairy prince Erris, and I am eager to read the sequel to find out exactly how his dilemma is solved. In fact, the only quibble I really have with this novel is that it ends with no resolution in sight (but I understand the adventure will be continued in Magic Under Stone, so I suppose I will just have to sit tight and wait!) Altogether I'd say it's a 4 out of 5 stars.

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