September 7, 2011

Waiting on Wednesday: The Girls of No Return and Life Is But a Dream

Waiting on Wednesday is hosted by Jill at Breaking the Spine and features books that we just can't wait to get our hands on!

This week's picks are, of course, psychology-related to fit with Psychtember!

The Girls of No Return by Erin Saldin

Goodreads' description:

"CUT meets HATCHET in this lacerating debut about girls, knives, and redemption.

The Frank Church River of No Return Wilderness Area stretches across two million acres in northern Idaho. In its heart sits the Alice Marshall School, where fifty teenage girls come to escape their histories and themselves.

Lida Wallace has tried to negate herself in every way possible. At Alice Marshall, she meets Elsa Boone, a fierce native Idahoan; Jules, who seems too healthy to belong at the school; and Gia Longchamps, whose glamour entrances the entire camp. As the girls prepare for a wilderness trek, Lida is both thrilled and terrified to be chosen as Gia's friend. But everyone has their secrets--their "Things" they try to protect; and when those come out, the knives do as well.

THE GIRLS OF NO RETURN is a bold and powerful debut."

This one sounds really dark, but I like the idea of setting it at a wilderness camp. I think there's great potential here for both atmosphere and emotional resonance.

Life Is But a Dream by Brian James

Goodreads' description:

"Alec and Sabrina are crazy in love. Problem is: Sabrina’s really crazy.

Sabrina, an artist, is diagnosed with schizophrenia, and her parents check her into the Wellness Center. There she meets Alec, who is convinced it's the world that's crazy, not the two of them. They are meant to be together; they are special. But when Alec starts to convince Sabrina that her treatment will wipe out everything that makes her creative, she worries that she'll lose hold of her dreams and herself. Should she listen to her doctor? Her decision may have fatal consequences."

Schizophrenia isn't tackled that often in YA novels, so I'm interested to see how it's handled in this one, particularly since there's a romantic element as well. Also, I love this cover. The use of the white space coupled with the child-like figure at the bottom and the leaves falling...beautiful.

What books are you waiting for?


  1. I haven't heard of either one of these before not but they both sound really good. I really like the cover for Life is But a Dream too :)

  2. Both of these sound fantastic. Especially the first one. I has not heard of either. Thanks for bringing them to my attention!

  3. I'm really looking to Life is But a Dream too, for the same reasons. Haven't heard of the first one, but I'll definitely check it out! Great picks.

  4. I'm not really a fan of wilderness stories so I'm a little hesitant to add The Girls of No Return to my wishlist. I love the premise of Life is But a Dream though. I hadn't heard about it and will be adding that one to my wishlist for sure.

  5. Ohhhh, two very different choices this week. I wonder what's going to happen when the girls turn on each other in The Girls of No Return. And Life Is But A Dream sounds interestind too with its focus on schizophrenia.

  6. The Girls of No Return hooked me with: "girls, knives, and redemption." - that combination just really intrigued me. And I love the cover cover of Life is But A Dream too! So pretty. It sounds amazing, I love these psychological type of reads. Awesome picks!

  7. Life is But a Dream sounds like it has great potential. Especially knowing more about schizophrenia Im really curious to see how it will be portrayed and handled, since I'm assuming the mc will be a teen.

  8. Ooooo Life is But A Dream sounds AWESOME! I love that title -- it's kind of creepy somehow (I hear creepy children reciting the poem in my head a la The Woman in Black trailer). It sounds like a really different kind of book too. Great pick! My TBR always gets longer when I come over here... ;P

  9. Glad everyone is so excited about Life is But a Dream. I think this book is going to surprise a lot of people in a very good way.

    Brian James (author of Life is But a Dream)

  10. Girls of No Return is already on my TBR list but I hadn't heard of Life is But a Dream. I have not seen Schizophrenia tackled in a YA book. I will have to read this one especially since the author commented. I just hope he does better than most YA authors do with BP Disorder.



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