February 19, 2016

A Call for Book Recs!

Hey everyone,

Sorry I have been totally MIA on the blog lately! I started a new job about a month ago and it's been taking up all my time and energy. Hopefully once I get used to the pace of things I'll have a bit more time for blogging.

In the meantime, this post is actually related to my work... in that I need to find a book (or even better, a series) that a girl in Grade 5 who reads at about a Grade 2 level would enjoy. I'd like the interest level of the book to be for her age (e.g. the characters in the book are in Grade 4/5/6-ish) but the reading level should be no higher than Grade 3.

It's a bit of a tricky conundrum so I am turning to you, dear readers! ;P Any suggestions?

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