September 21, 2011

In Case You Missed It...Psychtember Week #3!

Feeling out of the loop because you missed a couple posts of Psychtember Week #3? You can catch up here!

The past week in posts:

Guest Posts:

Spotlight on Psychological Issue Books
How to get Parents off Our Backs (in novels)
Openness in YA Characters (OCEAN #1)
Conscientiousness in YA Characters (OCEAN #2)
Clean: Guest Review
Extraversion in YA Characters (OCEAN #3)

Interview with Daisy Whitney
Compulsion & swag  — signed, US/Canada only, ends 9/30


The Lighter Side of Psych: What's Your Quirk?
The Lighter Side of Psych: Bluffing It

Also, my "Beliefs About Psychology" survey is still going on, so if you're feeling kind and would like to add your anonymous data to the results, please fill out the form!

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  1. I think I was sitting behind you at sarah dessan yesterday :P I saw your name on the sticky name on your book :) and I found your blog on the ontario blog squad!

    New follower!


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