About Me

Just to give a little bit more info than the tiny snippet in the sidebar...

I have loved reading from a very early age (this love of books was greatly encouraged by my family, who are all avid bookworms), and though I am in my twenties now with a Bachelor's degree in psychology and a Master's in speech-language pathology, I still enjoy reading YA. The characters are relatable, the plots often enthralling and fast-paced, and the premises very creative.

Genre-wise I am a fairly eclectic reader, as I like to read fantasy, realistic fiction, dystopian, historical fiction, and some mysteries. I am also fond of some classics, particularly Jane Austen. Most of my reviews on this site will be for YA, but I will sometimes review adult as well (and will state clearly if it is an adult novel). In particular I enjoy adult fiction involving psychological elements, and historical mysteries à la Kate Morton's novels.

My dream job would probably be a YA book editor, but at the moment I am practicing as a speech-language pathologist. It nicely combines my interests in languages, psychology, and teaching.

Feel free to contact me at tapestrybookblog(at)gmail(dot)com if you have any questions.
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