Psych Yourselves Out!

I majored in psychology in university and still find it positively fascinating. I've done a few posts now relating to psychology and reading, so I thought I'd gather all the links together in one place to make it easier to navigate!

Is Personality Related to Genre? survey — I put together a brief survey with some questions for YA readers, interested to see if there were any connections between what genres people like to read and their personalities. If you'd like to add to my data, feel free to take it!

Can I Predict Your Personality from Your Genre Preference? quiz — Based on the preliminary results of the survey, I designed a quick quiz trying to predict personality traits based on a reader's top two genre preferences. Are you a Realistic Control Freak, a Paranormal Party Animal, a Fantasy Spock, or another personality type entirely? Check it out and see how accurate it is for you!

Survey Results: Part 1, aka "The Pie Charts" — These are the general results of the survey from the first 115 people who took it. Some interesting trends in the data!

Survey Results: Part 2, aka "The Bar Graphs" — These are the specific results of the personality questions for various combinations of favourite genres.
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