August 24, 2014

Time Between Us: Get It... or Forget It?

This is a new feature I'm starting up, because as book bloggers we all know that there are too many books to read, and not enough time. I need to know which books are must-reads and which ones I can just plain ignore.

For which I turn to you, my readers! I'll pick a book each week that I'm wondering about, and you can tell me if I should GET IT...or just FORGET IT.
This week: Time Between Us by Tamara Ireland Stone

This one kinda sounds like the movie The Lake House for a YA audience. I enjoyed that film, and I tend to like time travel in books, so this one certainly caught my eye. I'd just like to know... does it really deliver on that awesome-sounding premise? I'm a bit worried it'll be too romance-heavy and not enough substance. Is this a case of insta-love...?

Vote! What do you think: get it, or forget it? And then leave a comment letting me know why!

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