July 24, 2014

Touch of Power: Get It... or Forget It?

This is a new feature I'm starting up, because as book bloggers we all know that there are too many books to read, and not enough time. I need to know which books are must-reads and which ones I can just plain ignore.

For which I turn to you, my readers! I'll pick a book each week that I'm wondering about, and you can tell me if I should GET IT...or just FORGET IT.
This week: Touch of Power by Maria V. Snyder

I loved Poison Study, but was not particularly gripped by the other two in the series (in fact, I think I just skimmed them). What I've read about Snyder's Healer series suggests that it also goes downhill somewhat after the first book. So I'm wondering: is the first book worth getting, in and of itself? Or does it just set up for a series that will ultimately be disappointing and unsatisfying? I'd love some more Poison Study-esque magic in my life, but don't want to end up feeling like I've wasted my time and/or money...

Vote! What do you think: get it, or forget it? And then leave a comment letting me know why!


  1. I LOVED the Study series, I even enjoyed the controversial Fire Study. I would probably not ever read the Healer series again, whereas I've reread the Study series many times. I would suggest that yes, you atleast read the first one to see how you feel, but perhaps borrowing from the library instead of buying. I liked the first two, but the finale was a deep disappointment for me. But I thought the first book had potential.

    1. Thanks for your thoughts! Yeah, sounds like maybe the library would be a safe bet :)

  2. I really can't vote because I haven't read this book and this isn't my usual genre! But I like your idea of "get it or forget it."


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