July 29, 2014

Top Ten Tuesday: Authors I Own the Most Books Of

The Top Ten Tuesday meme is hosted by The Broke and The Bookish. This week's topic is about which authors we have the most books of in our collection!

I'm counting books that are in a bind-up and duplicate copies as separate books. As well, I'm sure there are some books that I used to have on my shelves but have now put away in boxes, so I'm not counting those. 

These are my top 12, actually, because there's a 3-way tie for 10th place.

Without further ado...

1.) Meg Cabot (25) — I own the entire Mediator series, and I think I have all but one of the Princess Diaries books. I also have a few from the 1-800-WHERE-R-U series and assorted other Meg Cabot books. By the way, I recently found out that she's writing a new book for the Mediator series! It's going to be adult rather than YA. I'm kind of torn because I like the Mediator series and don't want a new book to "ruin" it, so to speak, but since I love the characters of Suze and Jesse I'm eager to see more of them.

2.) Phyllis Reynolds Naylor (22) — almost all of these are books in the Alice series, which I really loved during my early-to-mid teens.

3.) Tamora Pierce (15) — including all of the books in the Song of the Lioness series, the Immortals series, the Lady Knight series, and both books in the Trickster duology. I may also have the Circle and Circle Opens series in storage, but I didn't count those in the total.

4.) L.M. Montgomery (9) — the first 3 books in the Anne series, 2 of the Emily books, and several short story collections.

5.) Lloyd Alexander (9) —the entire Chronicles of Prydain series (bound up in one large tome!) as well as The Arkadians, Time Cat, The Iron Ring, and a duplicate copy of The High King. I may have another Lloyd Alexander book in storage, too.

6.) Patricia C. Wrede (8) — all four Enchanted Forest Chronicles books, all three Sorcery & Cecelia books, and Mairelon the Magician. At some point I think I'd like to get this lovely bind-up of both Mairelon books.

7.) J.K. Rowling (7) — every single Harry Potter book, of course.

8.) Caroline B. Cooney (7) — the first 4 books in the Face on the Milk Carton series, the first 2 books in the Time Travelers series, and A Friend at Midnight.

9.) Richelle Mead (6) — I'm just missing one book now in the Vampire Academy series, and I also have the first book in the spin-off series.

10.) Diana Wynne Jones (5) — the Howl's Moving castle series and a couple other books.

11.) Adele Griffin (5) — Tighter, Picture the Dead, All You Never Wanted, Where I Want to Be, and The Julian Game.

12.) Stephenie Meyer (5) — because yes, at the moment I do have the Twilight series (though that may change in the future) as well as The Host.

This was actually a lot of fun, and probably gives a pretty good representation of what I love to read as well as some of my favourite authors!


  1. I'm familiar with quite a few of these authors (even if I don't actually own any of their books) thanks to the library. I read at least one of the Mediator books years ago. And some Caroline B. Cooney (I know I read the first book in the Milk Carton series, and a couple of the time travelling ones). Also, I went through a Lloyd Alexander phase at one point and I think I read most of the books in the Prydain series. L. M. Montgomery, Diana Wynne Jones, and Stephenie Meyer also made my list, because I own a few books from each of them.

    Your post brought back a lot of pleasant reading memories for me! There is some classic YA stuff here...

  2. Ohh, I had a lot of Caroline B. Cooney books as a kid, I loved her! And Meg Cabot is all over my TBR, but I don't have any yet, so I need to remedy that! Great list :)


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