June 1, 2011

Kiss, Marry, Kill?

I don't actually recall how I found out about this game, but I used to play it a lot with my sister. Basically, you take a book, choose 3 guy characters from the book, and then the other person has to pick one to kiss, one to marry, and one to kill. (We went on to invent other choices so we could get more characters in there, but it works fine with just the basics.)

So, for example: Harry Potter (this one was a favourite, along with Lord of the Rings, since there are so many characters to choose from).

1.) Professor Quirrell

2.) Professor Lockhart

3.) Peter Pettigrew

So....who do you kiss, who do you marry, and who do you kill? And is anyone else familiar with this wonderfully fun method of whiling away hours?


  1. AHH! THIS IS SO MUCH FUN!! I think you should make a weekly feature out of this :)

    I'd kiss Quirrel (EWWW!EWW!EWW!) but don't expect me to passionately wrap my arms around his neck! LOL ewww!

    I'd marry Lockhart because after Ron wiped his memory, he became a nobody! I can tell him anything I want to make him my dream man :)

    I'd kill Wormtail. Obvious, eh?

    I've never heard of this game before but thanks for telling me about it! I see many hours in my future being spent on this game :)

  2. LOL, thanks! I was thinking about making it a regular feature :) I would do the same as you...good choice! :D

  3. I've definitely heard of this, but never with book characters. People I know always just did it with celebrities for the most part. But I agree, it would be a fun feature! =)

    Wowza, I'm not sure how to choose for these three, haha. Okay, so kill Pettigrew, kiss Quirrel (eep!), and marry Lockhart. I just realized that's the same answers as Honey gave, haha, but oh well.

  4. lol I'd do exactly the same as Honey said. Such an unattractive group of people though lol

  5. What a cute/fun idea! I remember doing this with my sister too, although never with books.

    I would:
    Kill Quirrell (that dual-faces thing is just too creepy!)
    Kiss Wormtail - Ick. But I always felt a bit sorry for that guy.
    Marry Lockhart - I like Honey's logic with the amnesia thing. :)

  6. I'm enjoying seeing everybody's choices and reasons why!

    @Colleen: I do see your point about the dual-face Quirrell thing! Having Voldemort on the other side of his skull is really not attractive, LOL :D

  7. Lol, I haven't heard of this game but I'd have to go with Honey's answers as well. The professors are so old :(

    Here's mine for you, Danya: Percy Weasley, Hagrid and Lucius Malfoy.

  8. @A Canadian Girl: LOL, hmmm good question...well, kill Lucius Malfoy for sure. As for the other two...I can't really imagine marrying Hagrid and living with him and all those creatures he loves to keep as pets. So I'll marry Percy (he's annoying through most of the series but at least he kind of reforms at the end) and I'll just give Hagrid a quick kiss!

  9. Hmmm.. This is a toughie! I would kiss Quirell, marry Lockhart and definitely kill Wormtail..

  10. Tough! Hm... Kiss Quirell because he's not as terrible to look at as Wormtail. Kill Wormtail because...ew. And marry Lockheart post-amnesia. He's probably pretty wealthy and he'd spend all his time locked up in the hospital because of his memory loss so the marriage wouldn't be all that taxing! Gosh, that makes me sound like a golddigger :P

    This was fun! I like seeing everyone's answers.

  11. Lol, this is a great idea, but this group is so unlikable.
    Kill Wormtail (with one blow!)
    Kiss Quirell (ew! i know)
    Marry Lockhart (will have to do)

    Fun ;)


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