January 18, 2020

2019 Challenge Check-In

I tried 4 challenges last year (in addition to the Goodreads challenge), so here's a little review of how they went...

Modern Mrs. Darcy Reading Challenge: 8/10 categories

I did better on this challenge than I did in 2018, so yay! Got almost all of the categories:

- A book you've been meaning to read: check! I read Mistborn.

- A book about a topic that fascinates you: check! The Great Pretender: The Undercover Mission That Changed Our Understanding of Madness 

- A book in the backlist of a favourite author: check! Where I Want to Be by Adele Griffin 

- A book recommended by someone with great taste: check! My mom recommended The Silent Patient (which was indeed an excellent read!)

- Three books by the same author: fail. There were a couple of authors I read 2 books from in 2019, but none that I read 3 books from. 

- A book you chose for the cover: check! (Well, sort of. I pretty much never exclusively pick books based on the cover. This one had an awesome-sounding premise, too.) The Ten Thousand Doors of January

- A book by an author who is new to you: check! The Flatshare, by Beth O'Leary

- A book in translation: check! Daniel Half Human

- A book outside your (genre) comfort zone: fail. I didn't really read any books in 2019 in genres I don't normally pick up.

- A book published before you were born: check! A Stitch in Time

2019 Finishing the Series Reading Challenge: completed!!!
After my pathetic performance on this challenge last year (I didn't get a single series finished), I did much better in 2019. I reached my goal of completing 4 series, which were: the Janie Johnson series by Caroline B. Cooney, the Dark Gifts trilogy by Vic James, the Keepers' Chronicles by Becky Wallace (okay, it's a duology, but it still counts), and the Divergent series by Veronica Roth (finally!!)

Mount TBR Reading Challenge: success! I picked the level "Mount Blanc" this year (24 books) and read exactly 24 books that were already on my TBR shelves. It always feels good when I manage to read books that have been languishing on my shelves for years...

Putting Wings on Words Reading Challenge: I did...okay?...on this challenge. I got 16/30 categories done. These were:

Read an award-winning book: When You Reach Me  
Read a translated book: A Man Called Ove 
Read a book that you got as a gift: Carry On
Read a book from the library: An Anonymous Girl
Read a book by a woman of colour: An Extraordinary Union
Read a book you've owned a long time but never read: Emily and Einstein
Read a book with a diverse cast of characters: The Ten Thousand Doors of January
Read that book people keep recommending to you: The Unhoneymooners
Read a book with strong family bonds: Between Shades of Gray 
Read a book aimed at an age group you don't usually read: A Stitch in Time
Read a recent release: The Flatshare
Read a gloomy book: The Unseen World
Read a cozy book: Stay Sweet
Read a book with positive representation of a disabled character: A Curse So Dark and Lonely
Read an illustrated book: The Language of Thorns 
Read an indie book: A Hope Divided (I think this counts?)

Goodreads Challenge: success! I surpassed my goal of 40 books, reading a total of 51 (and DNF-ing a few more, so Goodreads counted those as part of my challenge. I wish Goodreads had a separate way to score books you've DNF-ed!)

How did everyone else's reading challenges go in 2019?

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