June 29, 2017

The Brainy Book Tag!

So I'm always seeing book tags getting done on Booktube, and I've joined a few of them in the past, but I've never created my own before. However, inspiration struck in a tag idea that combines my love of psychology and books, and the Brainy Book Tag was born! Basically, it goes through the areas of the brain and there's a bookish question for each one.

The Questions:

Skull: Pick a book in your collection that you feel very protective of.
Brain: Pick a book that made you think.

Frontal lobe: Pick a book that you're planning to read soon.

Parietal lobe: Pick a book that enthralled your senses.

Occipital lobe: Pick a book that helped you see something in a new light.

Temporal lobe: Pick a childhood favourite that you have fond memories of.
Limbic system: Pick a book that evoked a really strong emotion in you.

Cerebellum: Pick a book that threw you off balance.

Insular cortex: Pick a book that helped you keep calm and carry on.

I would love if other people joined in! If you enjoy the brain, books, or both, feel free to do this tag (and let me know that you have participated so I can go watch/read it!)

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