April 6, 2012

Kiss, Marry, Kill: the Vampire Academy series

Here's how it works: you take a book, choose 3 guy characters from the book, and then the other person has to pick one to kiss, one to marry, and one to kill.

It's been a while since one of these, eh? Since I've now read Richelle Mead's Vampire Academy series, I thought it would work well for this feature! 

And your choices of guys are...              

1.) Dimitri Belikov

2.) Adrian Ivashkov

3.) Christian Ozera

So...who do you kiss, who do you marry, and who do you kill? I'm interested to see the responses! (You can choose which book if it makes a difference to your decision.)


  1. *cackles* This is super easy for me.

    Kiss: Christian
    Marry: Adrian
    Kill: Dimitri

    I loved Dimitri in the beginning but then it just went downhill after the Strigoi business. Christian is always enjoyable and, though he may not be the most stable person, Adrian is my favorite. He'd for sure keep married life interesting. ;)

    1. Hah, yeah the Strigoi stuff did make things difficult! But you'd kill him? *sad face* LOL, how about I take Dimitri and Christian and leave you with Adrian? ;P

    2. hahha well I don't think I'd kill him but really? HE SAID HE HAS CONTROL!! HOW HE CAN SLEEP WITH ROSE??? Doesn't he feel sorry for Adrian?? Idiot

  2. I'm marrying Dimitri because he's one of my favourite book boyfriends. He's hot, loyal and would be capable of protecting me if we were to find out that vampires are real :)

    I'm kissing Christian. I think his talent of being able to wield fire might come in handy someday.

    I love Adrian but I'm really sensitive to smoke from cigarettes and considering Adrian is always smoking and/or using drugs, he'll have to be the one to go (after a kiss of course!) ;)

    1. Oh, I might have to fight you for Dimitri! But I'll aid you in killing off Adrian, LOL. I am sensitive to cigarette smoke too!

  3. Hey just found your blog :) I love VA. Do I really have to kill one of them? Can't I just let him go? Friends maybe lol.

    Marry: Easy. Adrian all the way!
    Kiss: Dimitri (after that I will gladly pass him on)
    Kill Christian? Nope, you can't make me :)

    1. Thanks for dropping by and joining in, Bianca! LOL, you might have some competition for Adrian, but I'll take Dimitri off your hands... ;)

  4. I'm only up to the fourth book, so based on that:

    Kiss: Adrian - he sounds kissable :P
    Marry: Dimitri - In love with him atm!!!
    Kill: Christian - Out of the three, I like him the least lol but he's not all that bad.

    1. Oooh, just wait until you read the last 2 books! I'm interested to know if you change your mind... :D

  5. Kiss Dimitri Belikov
    Marry Adrian Ivashkov
    Kill Christian Ozera

    1. Aw, almost everyone wants to kill poor Christian! LOL.

  6. This is like the hardest decision ever, Danya!! =b

    Ummmmmm okay I think I would kiss Adrian, marry Christian, and kill Dimitri (it would be one of those movie moments where you pretend to kill someone but they're actually alive and you snuck them out for their own safety, because I can't kill DIMITRI)

    But yah, ask me again tomorrow and I would probably change my mind, because I kind of love them all.

    1. Excellent! I strive to make these Kiss Marry Kill choices difficult. *evil laugh* :D

      Love your explanation for your killing-but-not-really of Dimitri! Also, you're the only one so far to marry Christian, so that's awesome :)

  7. Hahahh no one wants to kill Adrian! Neither me so this is my list:

    Kiss: Adrian
    Marry: Christian
    Kill: Dmitri

    Well I don't think Dmitri want to marry me after Rose and Adrian looks (in my mind) so man-I-wanna-kiss guy. But if I had in choice all characters list would go like this:

    Kiss: (still) Adrian (^__^)
    Marry: Mason
    Kill: Tasha Ozera or that boy-bitches who tortured Lisa

    I adored Mason in the first way, and when I saw he died.... :OOOOOOO I was so so so sad I didn't want to continue reading. Why he had to go back?? WHY GOD? WHY?

  8. ohhh this is interesting. :) i agree with Nata above, oh Adrian would be my favorite character in the entire series if dimitri weren't so romantic! so you've probably guessed my response now:

    Kiss: Adrian. he's such a sweetie :)
    Marry: DIMITRI. oh goodness such a romantic, and so devoted. definitely marriage material! :))

    ... killing christian is not possible. not when he's a fire user and he's actually pretty cool and all >< he provides so much comic relief with his witty conversations with rose and all, i kind of miss him in the last few books. can i hug him instead? ^^~ that'll make everything so much happier!

  9. Kiss: Christian (he is so devoted to Lissa and he's a fire user!)
    Marry: Dimitri (come on, this is a no-brainer!)
    Kill: Adrian (this was a tough one b/c Adrian isn't a bad guy but someone has to die so it must be him! Poor guy loses the girl and gets killed?! :P)


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