April 13, 2011

Waiting on Wednesday: Faking Faith and Without Tess

Waiting on Wednesday is hosted by Jill at Breaking the Spine and features books that we just can't wait to get our hands on!

This week's picks:

Faking Faith by Josie Bloss

Goodreads' description:

"After a humiliating "sexting" incident involving a hot and popular senior, seventeen-yearold Dylan has become a social outcast—harassed, ignored, and estranged from her two best friends.

When Dylan discovers the blogs of homeschooled fundamentalist Christian girls, she's fascinated by their old-fashioned conversation themes, like practicing submission to one's future husband. Blogging as Faith, her devout alter ego, Dylan befriends Abigail, the group's queen bee. But growing closer to Abigail (and her intriguing older brother) forces Dylan to choose: keep living a lie or come clean and face the consequences."

I'm interested to see how this one approaches questions about religion – and sounds like there will be a good dose of psychology in here as well!

Without Tess by Marcella Pixley
Goodreads' description:

"Sometimes growing up means letting go--even of those we love the most.

Tess and Lizzie are sisters, sisters as close as can be, who share a secret world filled with selkies, flying horses, and a girl who can transform into a wolf in the middle of the night. But when Lizzie is ready to grow up, Tess clings to their fantasies. As Tess sinks deeper and deeper into her delusions, she decides that she can’t live in the real world any longer and leaves Lizzie and her family forever. Now, years later, Lizzie is in high school and struggling to understand what happened to her sister. With the help of a school psychologist and Tess’s battered journal, Lizzie searches for a way to finally let Tess go."

Speaking of psychology...this one sounds positively fascinating. I first saw this one featured at La Femme Readers and it immediately caught my interest. I'm always up for a novel exploring the intricacies of a sister relationship, and Without Tess obviously has some heavy-duty abnormal psychology packed in as well. Plus, the cover is simple but elegant.

What books are you waiting on?


  1. oh! both of these sound interesting and I hadn't seen either of them around before.

    I have heard Josie Bloss's ALBATROSS was brilliant :)

  2. Those do look like a couple of good ones.

  3. Without Tess was a blend of many things: a daring description of mental illness, a beautiful portrayal of the bonds of sisterhood, a book that made me smile and cry. It was one of those novels that I simply couldn't put down and reading page after page after page I found myself drowning in the emotions of the main character--possibly because I understand the sisters' relationship, possibly simply because this book is written in compelling prose.


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