February 22, 2011

Top Ten Tuesday: Books to Movies

The "Top Ten Tuesday" meme is hosted by The Broke and The Bookish, and this week's topic is film adaptations of books. I really enjoy a lot of book-to-movie adaptations, but I'm also a bit of a purist, so they have to be done right.

And just to warn you... Jane Austen movies own this list.

Here are some of my favourites:

1.) The BBC version of Pride & Prejudice. This one beats the Keira Knightley version hands-down, no contest.
Who can resist that???

2.) The 1983 Jane Eyre with Timothy Dalton and Zelah Clarke. Of the versions I've seen, this is the one that by far sticks the closest to the actual novel (including with the gypsy scene!) Timothy Dalton plays the brooding Rochester to perfection, and Zelah Clarke pulls off the role of the quiet but determined Jane beautifully.

3.) The 2007 version of Northanger Abbey. I was so impressed that the actor who plays Henry Tilney (JJ Feild) looks almost exactly how I would have pictured his character! And Felicity Jones manages to act a Catherine that is sweet and naive without coming off as annoying.

4.) The 1993 Much Ado About Nothing — Kenneth Branaugh and Emma Thompson are masters of witty banter, and they carry off Shakespeare's lines brilliantly.

5.) The 1995 version of Persuasion — I've seen a few Persuasions but this one is my favourite. The romantic longing between these two and their regret over the past is very believable.

6.) A Walk to Remember — I'm not a super huge fan of the book, although it is my favourite of the Nicholas Sparks books I've read. The movie, while it doesn't follow the book that closely, is really sweet. I think because I saw the movie first before I read the book I don't mind as much that it departs somewhat from the original.

7.) The 1996 version of Emma with Gwyneth Paltrow and Jeremy Northam — I don't think this was the first version of Emma I saw, but it's my favourite. The foreshadowing and tension between Emma and Mr. Knightley is really well done, and Jeremy Northam is just SO amazing as Knightley. Seriously.

Who can resist this either?

8.) The Lord of the Rings — EPIC. Does anything more really need to be said?

9.) Gone with the Wind — Actually, I didn't make it all the way through this book when I tried to read it years ago. It's so huge and daunting! I am hoping to try it again sometime though. And I do love the film — both of the star actors are so perfect for their roles, and their journey is an emotional rollercoaster.

10.) Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban — I think this is my favourite so far of all of the Harry Potter films (though Part 1 of the last one was pretty intense!) I really love how they dealt with the time travel, and plus it's one of my favourite HP books too.

Honourable mention to the film adaptations of Elizabeth Gaskell's North and South and Wives and Daughters...what can I say, I love period dramas!


  1. I tried reading LotR and couldn't do it but the movies are so freaking epic.
    I watched A Walk to Remember and it made me cry so the book must be good too?
    Harry Potter. It was the series that fueled my love of reading so I think anything they do is fantastic, but I think the movies do a good job too!

  2. Unfortunately, I haven't read books you've mentioned other than Prisoner of Azkaban. And, I've only seen three of the movies you've mentioned. But, what I find interesting is that of the movie I've seen and the book I've read, Prisoner of Azkaban, you and I differ so greatly. :) Prisoner of Azkaban was my least favorite of the movies because it disappointed me so much. It's also so interesting to me how people differ on their likes and dislikes. I'm glad someone likes that movie. :)

  3. I love the BBC version of P&P but the Keira Knightly version has a great soundtrack. Too bad North and South didnt make it on your list...I fell in love with Richard Armitage after watching it.

  4. We have some of the same picks, like HP, P&P and Lord of the Rings. I completely forgot about Gone with the Wind! I have no clue how I forgot as it's one of my favorites! I haven't seen that version of Persuasion, but I will definitely have to check it! Great list!

  5. Hi! I like your books to movies list. I decided to play so my list is here:

  6. Mmm, Austen. So many yummy men...I mean, yummy stories. Yea. I always forget about Emma, but every time I pass by it playing on television I have to watch it. Awesome list!

  7. Great picks! I love HP 3 too!

  8. P&P and LOTR made my list too. I also loved "Much Ado" too. I have to track down Gaskell's "North and South", perhaps after I read it this year for my Victorian Lit challenge. Great list Danya!

  9. Oooh ~ love this list. so eclectic. IMO, A Walk to remember was better than the book, haha. but I feel that way about all Nicholas Sparks books :)

    And ~ agree with Gone with the wind. Imagine how BRILLIANT it would have been when it first came out? It really must've been something else.

    Love it when you do this meme!

  10. Nice list! Looks like you like getting sent back in time with a healthy dose of romance :P

    I tried reading A Walk to Remember and I just could not get through it. I do love the movie though.

  11. Oh, Knightly. He's the very best part of that movie.

  12. Great list!

    I still have to read A Walk to Remember and watch it :)

  13. Much Ado About Nothing is a great pick! Okay, the guy from Dead Poet's was weak, but Branagh and Thompson were amazing, and they are really the story. Also agree about Emma -- didn't live up to the book for me, but Jeremy Northam was perfect.

  14. So many handsome fellas on this post!*Swoon*


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